Romano, Giulio

Romano, Giulio
(1499 Rome-11/1/ 1546 Mantua) (Italy); aka Pippi, Giulio/ Pietro de Gianuzzi, Giulio di
   Painter and architect. Pupil of Raphael. Generally credited with producing 16 paintings inspired by the erotic poetry of Aretino, an explicit series depicting the loves of the gods, sometimes called the Postures or I Modi. The originals are lost, we know the series only from later copies, including those attributed to Raimondi and to Agostino Carracci. Romano was forced to leave Rome in part for producing such "obscenities."
   Reproductions: Apollo with lovers; Wallace 2007: p. 78 . Jupiter and Olympia; c1528; fresco; Bentley, 1984: p. 66 / Webb, 1975: p. 117 [B] / Lucie-Smith, 1972: p. 74 [B]. Love scene; 1524-1526; Wallace 2007: p. 63 [C]. Marriage feast of Cupid and Psyche; Melville, 1973: fig. 158 [C].
   [b]Source: Benezit, vol. 11: pp. 1306-1308; Lionello Puppi, "Immaginazione e immagini erotiche in Giulio Romano," Eidos 9 (1991): pp. 46-58; M. Tafuri, "Eros e spiritual-ismo," Casabella 53 (July-August 1989): pp. 35-37.

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